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Apartment in Thao Dien Pearl for rent with 132sqm pool view

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Apartment in Thao Dien Pearl for rent with 132sqm pool view

Apartments for rent in District 2 $1,300 - Thao Dien Pearl
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Apartment in Thao Dien Pearl for rent, located at Quoc Huong Street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, HCMC, is the highlight of Thao Dien – An Phu. Thao Dien Pearl Apartments have a beautiful location situated along the Saigon River and Saigon bridge 500m.
Apartment for rent with 132sqm, contains 3 bedrooms, fully furnished nice and luxury with private pool view.
The rental: $1300/month
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Utility apartment Floor service with 5800m2 area, infinity pool with stunning views of the village and the Saigon River in Thao Dien with, hot tub and pool area kids pool, separate living areas interspersed scenes offices, community living room, gymnasium international standards, locker -shower area with sauna and steam dry, nursery and children’s playground indoor and outdoor under international standards, the drying laundry automatic, funeral home, professional security forces under international standards and regional control 24/24


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